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Never thought I’d throw my hat into this ring!  But Darcy, The Enabler, struck, and I was hooked.  She sent me dozens of episodes in MPEG format, then spent several hours on the phone and emailing, teaching me the basics of Sony Movie Maker.  Anne also gave freely of her time, touring me around inside the movie studio showing me how to work with special effects, etc.  Without their patience with my inept techie-ness, I wouldn’t know what it’s like to make magic like this!  Thanks, girls, you rock!

We have a new message board and we’d love for you to drop us a line if you’re inspired by something you’ve read or seen on the site.  Feedback always refreshes the soul and inspires the muse!

As always, thanks for spending time with us!




Confidential Files

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Gen Vids

Dragon Con Stargate TV (SGTV) presents the 2009 SGTV videos, scripts by Nick "Mckay" Seddon, videos by iiiionly, video post production by Derek *Lord Darmus* Dykes.  *Recruitment*(32 mb)is a fun look at how the SGC might consider recruiting via the major television networks.  *TGSA* (300 mb) is crossover vid, Top Gun:Space Age, starring Colonel Jack O'Neill and Major Samantha Carter as your pilots extraordinare.  *Wraithbusters*(43 mb)... think popular movie series, take out the ghosts and add in some wraiths and voila' ... wraithbusters is born. 


Cowboy Cassanova - music by Carrie Underwood.  This vid requires a slight suspension of disbelief, but not because it stars Jessica Rabbit (yes, I'm not bad, I'm just drawn that way, Jessica Rabbit) and Daniel Jackson.  However, I think I'll let you figure out where that suspension begins and ends (26 mb). 

SGC Minority Recruiting - starring Major Samatha Carter.  Since I was doing recruiting vids from McKay's scripts for Dragon Con, thought I'd do one of my own in the process.  This one is written, directed and produced by iiiionly (30 mb). 


If You're Going Through Hell - music by Rodney Adkins.  Daniel's going through a bad patch, but it's SG-1 to the rescue.  Set in the arc of stories featuring Adria & Daniel (54 mb).

What Happens Here - music by The Who.  A shameless SG-1 rip off of the Vegas commercials (14 mb). 


Behind Blue Eyes by The Who - the title of the song and the vid pretty much says it all. (24.4mb)  I Wanna Talk About Me - A little bit of silliness and a little bit of sadness to commemorate the man we all knew and loved as General Hammond.  (30 mb)

Every Day by Rascal Flatts - Depending on your mood and/or predisposition at the time of watching, this video could be considered lightly slashy.  It's a picture portrait of the Daniel and Jack friendship from Jack's POV, as seen by the vid maker.


Rolling Stone by iiiionly & Darcy -Take a little trip back to 1969 with Dr. Hook and the Medicine show and SG-1.  This vid was inspired by Darcy's recent video, Rock Star.  (39.9 mb)

sg awards nominee

Forest of Fears (gen) -An episode video from Abyss.  Jack finds himself alone in a way he’s never experienced before. (15 mb)
J/D friendship/slash Vids
A throw back to the days of disc jockey’s and phone-in requests. Jack and Daniel negotiate the rocky path to relationship in individual videos to the same Vince Gill song, When Love Finds You.  (26 and 15 mb respectively).
Fallen Embers (slash) - Ascended Daniel contemplates the mysteries of love and life. .  (8 mb)

You're Still the One by Orleans - a birthday vid for Joag. Jack and Daniel wonder... (22.3 mb)

All videos are .wmv format

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