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Welcome to Fades to Black

I chose this name because not only do my songvids fade to black, but so do the majority of the sex scenes in my fics, so the name seems appropriate.

This all came about because Char had a song and a story stuck in her head that wouldn't let go.  Eventually, she wrote the story and asked me to vid the song.  The fic and the vid are entitled "If I."  When the vid was finished Char generously asked if I wanted to share her new website. It's gorgeous, I couldn't resist, so here I am.  
Before I go any further, I want to thank Amy for showing me the vidding ropes and for previously hosting my vids on her site. She's the best!
I'd also like to make an offer... if you love vids and are being tortured by a song that's stuck in your head, along with visions of Stargate SG-1, feel free to send me your ideas. I can't promise anything, but I'm always open to suggestions.
Kick back, relax , make yourself at home, read the stories and enjoy the vids!

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Fades to Black

Stargate Videos by Darcy

Gen Vids

Days Gone By  – Sometimes you miss the good old days...I made this vid for Char. (77 mb)


Hero by Skillet – this is a team vid featuring SG-1 being their heroic selves. (71 mb)

Life on the Moon by David Cook - Jack/Daniel Gen friendship vid. Daniel tries to adjust to life in the military.

Find of a Lifetime – this vid was made as a companion piece to a story I wrote with Sami-J by the same title. It’s to the song ‘Permanent’ by David Cook. You’d need to read the story in order to understand the vid. It’s on JD Divas with the rest of my fic under Gen.


Farther Find Me Now - by the Coal Men:  A team vid with SG-1 lost or imprisoned or worse.(36 mb)


10,000 Miles by Mary Chapin Carpenter This is a long sweeping tribute to SG-1 vid that I made for Getty. (81 mb)
Like It's a Bad Thing - by Gary Allan - I made this vid for Anne so it's all Jack all the time.(28 mb) Larger version 47 mb.

Viva La Vida by Coldplay - Things don't go so well when Daniel rules the world (38 mb)


Born to Run -by Bruce Springsteen -  I made this team vid for the Stargate Vid List 70's challenge (59 mb)


Little Wonders by Rob Thomas

My Tribute to Stargate SG-1.(68 mb)

Rolling Stone by iiiionly & Darcy -Take a little trip back to 1969 with Dr. Hook and the Medicine show and SG-1.  This vid was inspired by Darcy's recent video, Rock Star. (39.9 mb)

sg awards nominee

Living on the Edge -  the team that gets whumped, together stays together.(44.4 mb)

Field of Innocence by Evanescence - this Daniel-centric vid is a remake of one of the first songs I ever attempted to vid. The song just screams "Daniel" to me.


Rockstar  - A humorous team vid of SG-1 trying to be rockstars. (40.7 mb)
This vid is all about Daniel and his incredible blue eyes. (81 mb)


I'm Moving On - Rascal Flatts
Jack's struggle to move past Charlie's death. (49 mb)
I've Been Everywhere - Johnny Cash
SG-1 has been to a heck of a lot of places.(37 mb)
Dance With My Father - Luther Vandross

Daniel remembers his childhood and his father, inspired by DebiC's series A Window in Time. (19 mb)


Summer of '69 - Bryan Adams
Episode based 1969. I made this vid for Amy because she's the best! She took the time to explain how to make songvids. And it wasn't easy. (51 mb)

What If God Was One of Us by Joan Osborn. I read an awesome fic by Marcia that had the same title and it reminded me of the song and one thing led to another... gods, false gods, ancients, I had a lot to work with. Here's the link to a terrific  story. (20 mb).


An action packed team vid that I made for babs at her request. (65 mb)

My one and only Teal'c centric vid made again at bab's request and for the musical song. challenge at Kawoosh. (40 mb)


Man in the Mirror - Michael Jackson

Lots of nice clips of Jack, Daniel and Teal'c (55 mb).


Mr. Sandman - The Andrew Sisters
Daniel and the team are very tired. (41 mb)

A team vid I made for DebA showcasing the magic and awe of the Stargate SG-1. I'm so going to miss them!


Shine Your Light - Robbie Robertson
This is the first SG vid I ever made, featuring lots of clips from Meridian and Abyss. (50 mb)
Jack is having a really bad day. (32 mb)

Stand - Rascal Flatts

This team vid was made for Judy from her friends...when things go wrong, standing together with friends can help. (37 mb)

In Times Like These - Mavis Staples
In this team vid I tried to use as many SG characters as possible to show that everybody needs someone they can lean on. (44 mb)
J/D friendship/slash Vids

Ti Amo -  by Laurie Branigan – Jack misses Daniel after he disappears through the gate with Oma. (46 mb)


Conflicted – Angry Jack gets emotional dealing with Daniel. I made this vid as a special request for Getty.

Bad Things by Jace Everett (17 mb) J/D slashJack wants to do really bad things to Daniel.

Kiss of Death by darcy & iiiionly - Jack wants to be more than friends with Daniel (20 mb)

Hurt by Johnny Cash - Jack's issues affect his relationship with Daniel. Major angst ensues.(24 mb)

First Contact -Time of My Life by David Cook. A slash vid by Darcy and Anne using manips and clips. Jack and Daniel go to Atlantis. (23.6 mb)

Cold by Matchbox 20. The fandom needs another Meridian vid like I need a hole in the head but I couldn't help myself. Jack asks Daniel not to go and we all know how that ends up. <sniff, sniff>(28 mb)
I'll Stand By You - The Pretenders
This vid would never have been made without Char's sharp eye and keen suggestions. It was inspired by her amazing fic of the same name. Thanks, Char, this one's for you!

30 mb


Song for a winter's night

- Sarah MacLachlan preslash J/D (20 mb) Companion video to the story If I...

He Was a Friend of Mine - Willie Nelson
This is the only vid I ever made that won an award. Best J/D vid for 2006.(24 mb)


Hallelujah - Rufus Wainwright (30 mb)


Little Daniel Vids

Forever Young - Joan Baez (28 mb) This is my first Little Danny vid, inspired by Char's Fountain of Youth series.


Time in a Bottle - Jim Croce
Sometimes Jack wishes he could keep Daniel little forever. (15 mb)

This vid was made to go with a fic I wrote with Sami-j by the same title "Much Abides" featuring Jack, Sara, Charlie and Little Daniel.(15 mb)


Remember Me This Way - Jordan Hill
Jack never wants to forget the little guy. (28 mb)
There is a Season - The Byrds
I made this vid to go with the fic kalimyre and I wrote by the same title. (29 mb)


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