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Little Daniel and the Little Daniel List

When I approached my web designer about doing a website for me, one of the first things she suggested when I talked about a link to the LD site was a page dedicated to the explanation of the sub-genre of LD.  I thought it was a great idea, so let me try to give you an overview of what the LD genre is all about.

The first thing you need to know is that LD stands for Little Daniel – so LD stories are stories featuring a downsized Daniel and there are several categories of downsized Daniel that will be touched on briefly, further along.

If you poll ten LD readers, seven out of ten will mention The Lady’s Blessing, by JoaG, or Amperage’s, The Furling’s Gift series, as their first LD reads.  The Lady’s Blessing was the first Stargate story JoaG ever wrote, so the sub-genre has been floating around in cyberspace for awhile.

And then JoaG wrote a few more LD stories; Amp supplied us with several new FG tales; DebiC brought us the Window in Time series; Darcy and Kalimyre’s award-winning fan fic novel, There is a Season, was an instant best seller; Devra added some LD stories to her repertoire; and then a new-to-the-Stargate-fandom - though not new to fan fic - writer burst on the scene.  LRH Balzer, long known in the MFU universe, gave us Jack’s Son

These excellent writers brought validity to the sub-genre and gave it an extra special sheen with their lovingly painted portraits of a Little Daniel.

So what is it, you ask, that calls to those of us who read and write LD.

Up for a few mind games?  Consider this: 

What is it about children playing in the park that attracts your attention?  Their innocence?  The creativity they exhibit at the drop of a hat?  The wonder and awe they radiate over a pebble dug out of the sand, a snowflake that lands on a mitten, the shiny trail left by a snail?

How many of these traits does the character of adult Daniel still exhibit? 

So where did these traits come from?  How did he, with his canon (not to mention fanon) tragic past, retain them?  Who shaped the child genius?  What drove him to choose principle and belief over community and a livelihood?  What other events in his life might have contributed to the development of that never-give-up-until-I’m-dead and-sometimes-not-even-then, attitude?

Part of a story teller’s job is to ask those questions, and then try to answer them in a way that makes the reader want to keep reading.

Because this is science fiction, writers are limited only by their own imagination in offering up answers to the above questions. 

Many folks who love LD are polarized one way or the other between the two main categories of Little Daniel stories; unaware and aware. 

On the International LD list where many of the LD writers live and play, we categorize an unaware LD as a child Daniel who does not have his adult memories. 

This can be accomplished by the writer in many ways.  You may have stories of the child, Daniel, growing up with his parents in Egypt, such as DebiC’s, Window in Time series, or a newer writer on the LD scene, Sami-j, author of the Peaceful Explorer fics.  Or AU fics like Darcy & Kalimyre’s benchmark novel, There is a Season, and JoaG’s, Wings of Change.

And then there are writers whose work features an adult Daniel who has been downsized, usually by means of some alien doohickey, as the Colonel would say, that have no memory of their adult lives; the Fountain of Youth series fits in this category.  Writer_Sharae used a descended Daniel story line to downsize the adult, but features a mostly unaware LD in her novel, The Price of Knowledge, posted as WIP on the LD list, and her new story line, The Burden of Power, a series of stand alone stories she's currently working on set in the ToPK universe. 

The aware stories are probably easier to categorize.  Daniel has been downsized by some means or another, but retains all his adult memories, and must learn to cope in a child’s body and, for most writers with an aware LD, with all the drama of a child’s fluctuating emotions. 

The most recognizable stories in this category would be Amp & Goo’s, Furling’s Gift, stories; Cancer’s, Joys of Youth; Annejackdanny’s, Still Jack & Daniel; and LRHBalzer’s, Jack’s Son, novels.

Add to all these possible story lines an irascible Colonel who’s lost a child, a stoic Jaffa who, because of his choices, must live separated from his child, and a classically driven career woman who hasn’t taken time to have children – and voila – what writer could resist such a wide-open playground?  What reader could possibly resist the appeal of those big blue eyes in a downsized form?

We’re not out proselytizing and our list has tripled its membership in the last year.  So perhaps the best thing I can offer you is a chance to try it yourself and see if you like it.

Here’s the link to the International Little Daniel list – but it comes with a warning.  Beware, the LD genre is addictive; once you join us, you may find yourself - even if you haven’t put pen to paper for anything other than a grocery list in a very long time – writing. 

On our list we believe everyone has a story to tell – and we provide a safe place for everyone to tell their stories. 

That also means, if you join us, you will find a mix of writers, from the very young (who do not always do as they’re told), just taking their first writing steps, to the professionals among us who get paid to write for a living and write fan fiction to unwind. 

We can guarantee a fun time.  List Mom Rhonda says we’re the partying’est group on the net; we throw cyber parties at the drop of a hat.  AND we have our very own archive, built and run for us by list member, Ink.  So if you’re new to the LD genre and just putting a toe in the water, have we got a summer reading list for you!

We leave the light on all the time and depending on the time of year you’re joining us, you’ll find summer chairs out on the porch, or winter chairs pulled up in front of our fireplace.  And there’s always a cozy corner you can curl up in on a rainy day, or if you want to be left in peace to read or write.

We are no longer an open list, so you have to join in order to get to know us.  But we don't require a contract commitment, you're free to leave if you decide we're to goony for your tastes, which, I should also warn you, we can occasionally be.  However, it's our humble opinion that if you like LD as much as we do, you'll find the list a great place to hang out.  If you'd like to come for a visit, drop me a line at, I'l be happy to chat with you about the list and it's mission and send you an invitation to join.





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