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Little Daniel Stories

Fountain of Youth Series

This series of stand-alone stories starts at the beginning of Season 8 and departs from canon with the events of the first story.

#1  On a Wing and a Prayer
Dr. Jackson accepts an invitation from the Honduran government to help identify some further artifacts discovered in the ruins of the ancient temple of Telchak.  It appears Ponce de Leon was definitely not the explorer who discovered the Fountain of Youth.

#2  The Littlest Ancient
Jack has to think outside the box in order to come up with a believable explanation for why a six-year-old Daniel Jackson, seemingly transported through time from an archeological dig in Egypt, to Stargate Command, is actually a thirty-nine-year-old adult. 

 #3  Hazardous Duty Pay
Jack takes on the military establishment, and one down-sized archeologist, both of whom are a challenge. 

#4  Operation Sandbox
It’s Daniel’s 7th birthday and a whole series of 1st’s must be dealt with as Jack sets about creating the first of many priceless Mastercard Moments for his newly acquired kid.

#5  I See Dead People
Adventures have become SOP as Jack & Daniel negotiate the twists and turns of this new life they are leading.  And a visit to Charlie’s grave turns in to an adventure they will both remember forever.

#6  The Age of Innocence
 It’s summer time!  Time for Little League, trips to the ice cream parlor, and . . . regrets?

#7  One Day at a Time
Mallory and Teak must save the day when Daniel comes to the conclusion he’s solely responsible for the loss of the baseball trophy.

#8  A Series of Unfortunate Events
When a scheduled off-world vacation with the entire team takes an unexpected, and very strange turn, the remainder of SG-1 is suddenly confronted with the reality of their Littlest Ancient.

# 8 ½   Hershey Kisses
This was a list challenge story to write about an LD in trouble.  Since it was set in the FoY Universe, it became part of the series.

#8 ¾   Priceless
It’s the night before Halloween and there’s something more than magic brewing as SG-1 goes on a treasure hunt.  The word älskling is a Swedish endearment that loosely translated means - darling. The name – Furstinna - translates as Princess.  It might be wise to note here, the fractionally-numbered stories do little to move forward the overall arc of the series, which is why they do not have whole numbers.

#9  The Ties that Bind
Daniel’s downsizing leads Jack to reconciliation and healing with his own estranged father.

#9 1/2  The Twelve Things I Hate About Christmas/Jingle All the Way
This story has two titles because it was written and posted on list as two different stories. The Twelve Things I Hate About Christmas grew out of a story someone shared on list about her RL Jack Russell Terrier, singing lights on her Christmas tree, and how she wound up with a bright-pink cast. Jingle all the Way is the follow-up story of FoY's version of how the pink cast came to be.  It’s another of those stories that in no way, shape, or form moves the over-all story arc along, and thus is fractionally numbered.


The Littlest Angel
First of all, this comes with a WARNING – if you are offended by Christianity or religion in general, use your BACK BUTTON immediately.  This fic is a shameless retelling of the ages-old Christmas story starring LD’s sidekick, Mallory (from Foy’s The Age of Innocence and One Day at a Time) as the Littlest Angel, along with Daniel, as the Littlest Ancient.  Although this fic is set in the FoY universe, it was not intended to be part of the series.  This was written as a birthday gift for my wonderful beta, Darcy.  So it doesn’t even have a fractional FoY designation. 

#10  Symphony of the Woods
This started out as the FoY NID fic – and somewhere along the way took a dramatic turn in a different direction.  It became an adventure of a different sort for SG-1, and they’ve brought Pete Shanahan along for the ride on what turns out to be a cold, but enchanting, evening.


#11 Bridge Over Troubled Waters
Teal'c and Jack have been in the habit of bringing Daniel small gifts from each planet they visit, but its not a geology lesson Daniel learns from the rock Teal'c brings him this time.  The question becomes what is the lesson of the rock?




Ivanova posted a whole series of give-away plot bunnies on the LD list and this one leaped right into my lap.  Here was her premise:  The adult Daniel has been gone for over five years. Jack has never given up hope but he is about to receive a call he never expected. Someone from Area51 grew a conscience and now the SGC is about to take down a lab that has been the only home a very young Daniel Jackson has ever known.  Here is the story that grew out of that premise.  Fair warning; this is a very angsty story, a world apart from the FoY fics.


The Rocker Series

This series of stories began life as my homage to the two fantastic writers who sucked me into the wonderful world of Little Daniel.  To JoaG, whose story ‘The Lady’s Blessing’ was the first LD story I ever read, and Amperage, whose ‘Furling’s Gift’ stories delighted and entertained me so much that I decided to try my hand at writing my own.  You may recognize the reference to ‘The Lady’s Blessing’, used with permission from JoaG, in the first story in this series.  The series is set in Season Four.

#1 Temporary Insanity
On a mission to negotiate for inclusion of another planet into the Protected Planets Treaty, the Teprins take a shine to Dr. Jackson.  Though what kind of shine, SG-1 is at a loss to figure out.

#2 Memories
When a newly-downsized Daniel is coerced in to enduring an overnite stay with a colleague from Stargate Command, some issues arise for both Jack & Daniel that must be resolved.

#3 Special Ops I-V
This is a series within the series, written over a period of a month in response to a list challenge to entertain one of our members who was bed-ridden with very bad back troubles.

Special Ops I -  The Invitation
Sam receives an invitation to the Prom from the two coolest guys on the face of the Planet.  Well, not really the Prom, but it amounts to the same thing in her book!

Special Ops II – The Pre-Briefing
Teal’c receives the call from a dancing-on-the-inside Carter, telling him to pack his gear, they’re going on a mission.

Special Ops III – Pre-Mission Jitters
Daniel contemplates life in this down-sized form, and the consequences of getting caught at this size.

Special Ops IV – Dutch Courage
Jack, realizing his kid is scared to death, offers a thimble-full of Dutch Courage to animate his charge.

Special Ops V – The Mission
Operation Stealth Reindeer
If you haven’t read Memories, a summary is a bit useless.  If you have, you don’t need a summary. 

The Star Nursery Series

The Star Nursery Series is set early in Season Five, when it seemed things between Jack and Daniel were seriously deteriorating.  The arc of this series will encompass a quest of sorts that begins and ends in the same place, at the Birthplace of Hope.  The first story in this series was orginally written for and published in Ancient's Gate first ever LD zine.  All the beautiful artwork enhancing A Star is Born was provided by AG zines writer/editor/producer, Jmas.  Thank you, Judy, for giving me permission to use your artwork here as well!

#1 A Star is Born
The science twins have put their heads together and devised a way, not only to accomodate the 8th Gate chevron, but to access the power necessary to form a wormhole into a different galaxy.  The discovery of an ancient artifact on their first trip out seems to hold both blessing and curse.  It remains to be seen which is blessing and which is curse.


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