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A Place to Heal (by Annejackdanny)

Not everyone who wanders is lost ... but this LD starts out as an infinitely lost child; lost inside himself, and yearning to touch a reality he doesn't dare believe in.  His journey to trust will take you on a roller coaster ride of emotions, from tears to laughter and back again as this incredible story of wonder and healing unfolds.  This was done as a birthday present for my BFF, Anne, who graciously agreed to allow me use it for the Big Bang Kidficathon as well.  Featuring Jack & a young Daniel, with guest appearances by Dr. Lam, Teal'c, and Sam.  Approximately 5 1/2 hours in length

APTH 1  31.2 MB   45:11 

podcast audio

APTH 2  56.4 MB   1:21:37

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APTH 3  44.1 MB   1:03:52

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APTH 4  100  MB   2:24:40

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Almost Always by Marzipan77

Tag for Moebius - ancient Egyptian timeline. What happened to our heroes in ancient Egypt? Daniel survived alone, planning a rebellion after their first failure, after he lost his entire team. It couldn't have been easy. And then new people wearing his best friends' faces arrived. Warnings: canon character deaths.  The text of the story, podcast with permission from Marzipan77, can be found here:

49.2 Mb     53 min 47 seconds

podcast audio


Of This & Other Worlds by LRH Balzar

While Jack deals with a worse-for-wear Daniel, Sam tries to figure out her place in the universe. A tag to Point of View.  The text of the story, podcast with permission from LRH Balzar, can be found here:

36.8 Mb     40 minutes 15 seconds

podcast audio

Training Exercises by Redbyrd

Some years ago, Redbyrd allowed Darcy and I to use her tag line from this story - The archeologist is not harmless! - in an award winning video.  With her gracious permission, the story has now been turned into podcast form.  The text for the story can be found here:

34.5 MB      37 minutes 43 seconds

podcast audio


I See Dead People (FoY)

Adventures have become SOP as Jack & Daniel negotiate the twists and turns of this new life they are leading. And a visit to Charlie’s grave turns in to an adventure they will both remember forever.

36.8 Mb    40 min 11 sec

podcast audio


Last Call by Darcy (The Colonel & the Kid Series)

The little guy turns on the charm in order to keep Santa from going on break.

19.1 Mb    10 min  25 sec

podcast audio


The Littlest Angel (FoY)

A retelling of the Christmas Story featuring Mallory as The Littlest Angel and Daniel as the Littlest Ancient. 
50.9 Mb    55 min  38 sec

podcast audio


Operation Sandbox (FoY)

It's Daniel's second 7th birthday and Jack is unsure if a party is a good idea or now. 
35.7 Mb   39 min  5 sec

podcast audio


Hazardous Duty Pay

Jack takes on the military establishment, and one down-sized archeologist, both of whom are a challenge.

45.9 Mb   50 min 12 sec

podcast audio


Ravenous Reindeer by Darcy (The Colonel & the Kid series)

Daniel is determined that Rudolph & Company are well fed. 

25.41 Mb     13 min  52 sec

podcast audio


The Littlest Ancient

Imagining a new frame of reference for a suddenly-six-year-old Daniel Jackson is no easy feat,  but Jack rises to the challenge.

26.5 MB    29 min 2 sec

podcast audio


Hershey Kisses

Daniel decides it's time for *his* dog to come and live with them, except the puppy isn't quite ready to leave home alone yet.  And - as it turns out - neither is Daniel. 

18 Mb  19 min 41 sec

podcast audio



It’s the night before Halloween and there’s something more than magic brewing as SG-1 goes on a treasure hunt. The word älskling is a Swedish endearment that loosely translated means - darling. The name – Furstinna - translates as Princess. 

47.9 Mb  52 min 20 sec

podcast audio


The Fountain of Youth Series by iiiionly
This series of stand-alone stories starts at the beginning of Season 8 and departs from canon with the events of the first story.
On a Wing and a Prayer

Dr. Jackson accepts an invitation from the Honduran government to help identify some further artifacts discovered in the ruins of the ancient temple of Telchak. It appears Ponce de Leon was, after all, not the explorer who discovered the Fountain of Youth.

48.3Mb   52 minutes 45 seconds

podcast audio


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