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Special Ops – The Invite by iiiionly

Sam’s POV

“Yes, sir.  I’ll . . . be there, sir.  With bells on . . . Right, sir, special ops, I’ll leave the bells at home.  Yes, sir, see you in a bit!” 

I hang up the receiver and stare bemused at my lab phone while the reality of what I’ve just been invited to sinks in.

Holy Hannah! This must be what it feels like to be invited to the Prom.  Everything inside of me wants to jump and hoot and holler!  At the very least I need to pump air and scream YES at the top of my lungs.  However, there are security cameras in every nook and cranny of the base and SF’s watching our every move 24/7, so I think I’ll just crook that elbow – yep, like that, just slightly – make a fist, and quietly whisper – YES!

Imagine that!  Samantha Carter, geekiest girl on the block just got invited to the dance by the coolest guys in the galaxy!  And I don’t have to decide which one I want to go with – I can have them both.  YES!

Keep it cool, Major, you’re still at work.  Only inside happy dances allowed; you’ve got a reputation to maintain, my girl. 

I’ve got most of my upper body contorted inside one of the bottom cupboards on the far side of the lab when my phone rings again. 

Maybe they forgot something and need me to bring it. 

“Carter,” I bark breathlessly, having landed on my ass trying to back out without smacking my head on the cabinet.


“Hey, Janet.  What’s up?”

“You okay?  You sound out of breath.  Nothing going on over there is it?” Janet asks suspiciously.

“I’d hardly be answering the phone if there way,” I reply with a slight touch of asperity.  “Half of me was in one of the bottom cupboards in my lab trying to find something when the phone rang.  I was trying to get to it before it went to voicemail.”

“Oh, what were you looking for that required you to be halfway in the cabinet?”

“They’re deep and I don’t have the best lighting back there.  I was looking for an old backpack.”

“Did you find it?  Because I have an old one of Cassie’s in my office if you can’t find yours.  You might have to empty stuff out of it, but you’re welcome to use it.  What do you need it for?”

While he didn’t specifically tell me not to tell anyone, I assume since the Colonel made it clear it’s just the four of us tonight, I’m not supposed to tell.  Even Janet.

The wheels are spinning uselessly.  I’m so bad at lying, especially when caught like a deer in the headlights.

“The Colonel just called,” I improvise, trying not to hem and haw while trying equally hard to come up with a plausible scenario.  “Uhm, apparently we’re going skiing.”

“Sounds like fun.  Taking Daniel?”


That’s it! Perfect! 

“We’re taking Daniel night skiing.  Kind of a spur of the moment trip.  The Colonel just called,” I babble stupidly.

“You just said that.”

”I did?  Oh, yes, I did.  Anyway, we’re going skiing.  Did you need me for something?”

“Well, I guess that nixes that idea.  Cassie and I were wondering if you’d go shopping with us this afternoon if we bribed you with supper.”

“That sounds like fun, too, but we’re leaving shortly and won’t be back until late tonight.  Can I take a rain check?”

“Sure.  Have a great time, Sam.  Too bad we can’t go with you guys, but Cassie has Hands-on-Science this afternoon and won’t be home until after four.  I promised her we’d go shopping for a new coat.  She was hoping you’d be able to come with us.”

“Darn, I’d really like to go, just not tonight.  If you don’t find anything, I could go with your later.  And I’ll tell the Colonel we need to plan ahead next time, so everyone who wants to come can be included.”

“That’d be great.  Listen, you have a wonderful time and make sure the Colonel keeps a close eye on Daniel, would you.  I don’t even want to imagine what having a bored, immobile, thirty-four-going-going-on-six-year-old would do to my staff.”

I try for a light, convincing laugh.  “We’ll take turns with him on the bunny slope, or let him ski with one of us.  Don’t worry, I promise we won’t let him get hurt.”

“Famous last words,” Janet responds merrily.  “Well, you can be certain I will be doling out Daniel entertainment schedules if he does wind up in my infirmary.”

“So noted, Dr. Frasier,” I respond, with a genuine chuckle.  “Give Cass hugs from me and you guys have a good time too.  I’ll catch up with you about that rain check.”

“Okey dokey.  All of you be careful, ya hear?”

“Yes, ma’am.”

“Hey, Jack O’Neill doesn’t have exclusive rights to mother-henning.”

My peal of laughter might be a release of nerves, but the instant picture of a clucking Colonel is hilarious.  “See you tomorrow.  Bye, Janet.”

So the backpack is finally unearthed and I have it unzipped and lying open on my counter when General Hammond strolls through the open doorway.

It’s a really good thing I buried the zat under the set of snow camo’s. 

He barely glances at it - because, I remind myself - he trusts us implicitly.

“Major,” he greets me with a smile, “I’m looking for Major Davis, he was headed this way after I spoke with him a little bit ago.”

Love those Texas terms – a little bit ago can mean anything from ten minutes to six hours ago.

“I was hoping to catch up with him before he left the Mountain.  Have you seen him?”

“No, sir.  But I just got back to my lab a few minutes ago.  I had a class down in the gym, sir.”

“And he didn’t find you there?”

“No, sir.”

“I suppose I should have put Walter on the trail immediately, might have saved myself a wild goose chase.”  On a sigh he turns to leave, then stops and half turns back.  “Is SG-1 scheduled off-world shortly?” he asks quizzically.

“No, sir.  Not that I’m aware of.”  I follow his gaze to the open backpack.  ”Oh, the Colonel just called.  They’ve decided to go night skiing on the spur of the moment, sir, and invited Teal’c and me to come along.”

A broad smile splits the round face.  “Sounds like an excellent plan, Major.  Just don’t let Dr. Jackson hurt himself.”

“Yes, sir.”

“Well, then, have a good afternoon – and evening.”

“Thank you, sir.  If Major Davis does stop by before I leave, I’ll be sure to tell him you’re looking for him, sir.”

“Thank you, Major.  In the meantime, I’ll put Sergeant Davis on his trail.”

As the General’s back disappears, I breathe a heavy sigh of relief and make absolutely certain the zat gun is well hidden in the folds of the jacket.

Back to packing.  And channeling the Colonel.

What do I have?  What do I need?

Probably ought to throw in some chocolate bars out of the stash I keep on hand for Daniel.  As an adult, he refused to keep them in his office because he said he could never resist their siren song.  So I keep them on hand because I only crave chocolate around that-time-of-the-month and if I want company, all I have to do is call Daniel and open the drawer so he can smell it through the phone line.

Chocolate bars.


Some of those hand-warmer snap packs might come in handy too.  I throw a handful in on top of the snow suit, then grab a handful more thinking we can put them inside Daniel’s boots.  He really hates being cold.

So, I’m not exactly primping for the Prom, but this, in my humble opinion, will be much cooler than any Prom.

Yes, I went to the Prom, only because my Dad made me.  I still shudder thinking about that dress. 

Don’t go there, Samantha.  That’s all water under the bridge now, as the Colonel would say.  You’re a decorated Air Force major, Major, with a helluva career in front of you and no where to go but up. 

So take a rain check on that memory, too, and forget to cash it in.

Anyway – where was I?  Oh, yes, packing.

Space blanket. 

I always keep emergency back-up stuff in my lab, in case the airmen packing our regular packs overlook something.  It doesn’t happen often, but it’s saved spending a couple of hours hunting up requisitions and personnel on more than one occasion.

Space blanket. 


We’re not going to be gone long enough to need MREs, don’t have to pack those.

Ahhhh, first aid kit, though it won’t be much help in the way of broken legs.  Okay – so extra gauze and maybe something small I could use for splints in a dire emergency. 


I’m not going to have room for much more in here and I need space for a thermos of coffee.

I do a quick mental inventory as I zip up the backpack.  I’ll stop by Daniel’s office for the thermos, Starbucks for the coffee – and we’re off. 

The readings on everything look fine, I can walk off and leave the stuff running without fear of blowing up the Mountain, so I’m outta here.

Save those dancing feet for tonight, girlfriend, don’t forget those security cameras.

But I do hope they’re wondering what I’m grinning about as I hum my way to Teal’c’s quarters.

I’m going to the ball, and nobody’s going to keep me from being Cinderella tonight.


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