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Special Ops II –The Pre-Briefing by iiiionly

Teal’c’s POV

I am deep in a state of kel’no’rem when the annoying black box on the desk jangles jarringly, disturbing the holistic flow from my symbiote.  Heeding its demand will only aggravate the young one I carry.

I sink deeper into the meditation, allowing the warmth and light of the myriad reflections of fire to obliterate the present and cocoon me in that space that is health and strength to a Jaffa.

A light knock on my door disturbs me sometime later and I am recalled to the reality I have chosen as my life currently.


The door opens as I am rising, stretching muscles gone lax with the depth of kel-no-rem, and MajorCarter leans around the door.

“Did the Colonel get a hold of you, Teal’c?”

“I have been unavailable the last hour or more, MajorCarter.  I have not spoken to O’Neill today.”

“Oh,” she states and I cannot determine if it is disappointment or disapproval that colors her tone.

I clasp my hands behind my back and wait to accomplish the snuffing out the kel’no’rem candles until she has declared her business.

“Well, you up for an adventure with the Colonel and Daniel tonight?”

I raise an eyebrow in question. 

“An adventure?”

 Visuals of the social entertainment known as jello wrestling immediately assault my inner vision.

“Yep, grab your gear and come with,” MajorCarter says, expertly channeling O’Neill.

Her unusual animation is intriguing, MajorCarter rarely permits her passionate nature free rein on base and though she is trying to stifle it now, I observe it is difficult for her to contain herself.

“What gear will this adventure require I bring?”

“Ahh, well, maybe we should stop by the locker room,” she says, flashing a glance around my utilitarian domain. 

MajorCarter steps inside.  “Guess we should put these out so we don’t burn down the base while we’re gone, huh?”  She licks her thumb and index finger and begins to snuff burning wicks. 

Following her example, I, too, move to extinguish candle flames.  With two of us functioning at optimum speed the feat is quickly accomplished.

“I am all ears, MajorCarter.  What is this adventure we are about to embark on?”

“Come on, let’s go collect the stuff you’re going to need and I’ll tell you in the car.”

Fascinatingly, the “stuff” I require entails much of our usual off-world gear; including a complete snow camo suit and the extra zat nickatel we keep in our lockers in lieu of having to circumvent an alien incursion to obtain weapons from the armory.

“I’ve got everything else we need,” MajorCarter says, hefting the backpack she’s carrying a little higher on her shoulder.

I don the mud-colored, ribbed-knit hat that goes with our snow camo gear and move to open the door for MajorCarter. 

Oh, yes, I’m vastly intrigued.  The energy flowing from my fellow teammate is nearly as invigorating as a state of deep kel-no-rem.

Whatever this night has in store for us, it certain to be at least as pleasurable as jello wrestling, particularly as I will be participating in whatever it is O’Neill has planned for SG-1.

I have missed DanielJackson’s participation in our off-world missions.  Tonight, it appears, we will remedy that situation.



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