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The Wedding Planner (slash) - With thanks, and a hat's off, to Anne for the lovely manip of Sam and Pete at the front of this story, and the beautiful manips created by JoaG inside the story (used with permission from both artists), this is an AU Sam/Pete ship story.  It features Daniel in the role of instigator, Teal'c as The Wedding Planner, and Jack appearing about as much as he did in Season 8.  It began life as a comedy of sorts, at least General O'Neill thought so, then took a bit of a poignant turn.  But that's the extent of the true confessions, to get the rest of the story . . . oh, wait, about six lines in the epilogue put this story into the slash category . . . read on if you dare.  This story is timed out of the Jmas tribute zine, It'll be Alright


I'll Stand By You (slash)

While this story stands alone, it was written as a sequel to If I . . . and picks up seven months after the trip to Atlantis.  Like If I . . . this is a relationship story, only this is a peek inside what makes Daniel tick and how Jack copes. 
WARNING:  At the risk of giving away the entire plot, this fic deals with child abuse.  While it is neither graphically nor gratitiously portrayed, if you are offended by the very thought, please do not read further.
Video Note
Darcy again rose to the challenge when asked to vid a song that could go with this fic.  We'd tried a different one first, but just couldn't come up with the right shots to go with the music, then Darcy sent me I'll Stand by You, by the Pretenders.  The story was pretty much written by that point, but the song was so powerful and fit so well with the overall story arc we decided to try it and voila' - this wonderful video was born.  Darcy has a great gift for matching lyrics to the clips and this time she's experimented with a new technique, but you have to listen closely, and maybe more than once, to catch them all.  You can watch the video without reading the story, and read the story without watching the video, but when you put them together, they really enhance each other, so we strongly urge that if you're going to take time to do either, that you do both!  Our thanks for giving us the opportunity to entertain you, and once again, we hope you enjoy our efforts!


If I... (pre-slash)

Set early in Season 9.  Jack discovers a no-Daniel-zone is difficult to live in and finds himself swimming in the muddy waters of emotions in an effort to come up with an acceptable resolution to the problem. 

Video Note
There are links to the video Darcy created to go with this story, from cut #6, Song for a Winter's Night, off Sarah McLachlan's album, Rarities, B-Sides & Other stuff, at both the top and bottom of this story.  It's at the top because this story is written around the song and we'd like to invite you to go listen to the song before you read.  The story will have much more impact if you've heard the haunting melody Jack keeps hearing throughout the story.  And, it's at the bottom so you can go watch the video because Darcy matched it beautifully, not only to the song, but to the story, as well, and you will lose that impact if you haven't read the story before watching the video.  Obviously, this is only a suggestion.  It's a relatively long story, and asking for this kind of time investment is risky at best.  The story and the video were the impetus for the creation of this site, and Darcy & I had a ball working together on the package!  Whatever you chose to do, we hope you enjoy both! 


Principalities and Powers (gen)

A tag to Heroes, Pt.II.  Janet’s sudden and untimely departure leaves Daniel shattered by grief.  A measure of redemption is offered to both, though in an unlikely way.

The Gift of Tears (gen)

Set early in Season 1.  Combine one sleep-deprived, exhausted, civilian archeologist, a special-ops-trained Air Force Colonel determined to get said archeologist to sleep, and M. Night Shamalyan type nightmares, and you have a recipe for a disaster waiting to happen. 

Bereft (gen)

A tag to Forever and a Day.  This story bookends The Gift of Tears.  Daniel only wants space; Jack refuses to leave him to grieve alone. 

Hardwired (gen)

Missing Scene/Episode tag that takes place between Fallen & Homecoming.  With a pardon-me-please to TPTB, and some revisions to Fallen & Homecoming, this is my version of how Daniel found his way back to his real family.  This was the first fan fic story I’d ever written and a very gracious Hawk50 allowed me to lift references from her story, The Auction, with the caveat that she read it first.  It was through her encouragement that I scraped up enough nerve to post this first offering.  It has undergone serious editing and mechanical revisions since then, so hopefully it is has far less of the ‘ten things I hate about fan fiction’ on its pages. 

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